“I'd like for them to say.
He took a few cups of Love.
He took one tablespoon of Patience,
One teaspoon of Generosity,
One pint of Kindness;
He took one quart of Laughter,
One pinch of Concern
And then he mixed Willingness
With Happiness.
He added lots of Faith,
And he stirred it up well.
Then he spread it over a span of
A lifetime, and he served it to
 each and every deserving
 person he met.”
muhammad ali cassius clay boxing sport
Cassius Clay AKA Muhammad Ali transcended the sport of boxing. But as a boxer, he was an Icon. With 56 wins- 37 being KO’s, he was the face of the sport since he was 18- when he won Gold at the 1960 Rome Olympics. Sports Illustrated even named him the “Sportsman of the Century.” From his famous “Anchor Punch” delivered to Sonny Liston (Pictured) to his epic bouts with Joe Frazier, His rope-a-dope style and trash-talk intimidation; Ali provided endless entertainment.
“Boxing was just a means to introduce me to the world.”
Ali used boxing as his platform. He made himself suffer to become a champion- he punished himself more than he would punish his opponents. His hard work, passion and dedication were the reasons of his title “The Greatest Of All Time.” But boxing wasn’t his sole passion; it was just a means. Ali was so dedicated to his beliefs he sacrificed 3 ½ years of his prime to speak out against the Vietnam War. He was a man that stood for something more.
Ali was a man who used his sport as a platform to speak out against something bigger than himself.
muhammad ali t shirt
“The more we help others, the more we help ourselves.”
Muhammad Ali passed away on June 3, 2016.  RC releases "Cassius" on the year anniversary of his death.  We dedicate this t-shirt to Ali, his family and all of his fans.  

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