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You made it to our first Product Drop.  Welcome to the excitement.  
We are extremely happy to bring you our first official graphic tee.

 sustainable streetwear dog t shirt

When people say “This was a piece of clothing 5 years in the making”, I become pretty skeptical. Ideas come up in an instant; it just takes the execution. Now when I say this shirt was something that took us over a year to make, it’s true. The graphic used for this t-shirt was made over a year, the idea to put it on a t-shirt wasn’t executed until now. The idea came from a friend’s tattoo- Thanks Hoop!- and from a picture of Clark in motion.
         This t-shirt is a very appropriate product for us to launch with. It tells our story perfectly. From afar, it is Clark in action, but up close it is Rocky Clark. Each word carefully chosen and placed. Each word represents an aspect of our world. I’ll take you through each word in one sec, but first the most IMPORTANT part about this shirt is the content.
         This t-shirt is 60% Hemp and 40% Organic Cotton, 100% eco-friendly. Our DNA is sustainability. The DNA of this shirt is earthly and the DNA on this shirt is RC. This product is also 100% Made in America.
(Warning!! These shirts are incredibly soft and incredibly addictive to wear!)
hemp organic cotton hat and shirt
“Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.”
This concept is why we founded RC; To bring sustainability into clothing in a fun, new and exciting way. There are too many brands just making clothes; we are bringing justice to clothing.
Music is pure vibes. Humans are here to create and music is one of the purest forms of this. We are particularly fans of rap and rock n roll music; we’ll have a separate blog post on this. The rebellion and references both these genres bring in allows the music to be ever-relevant.
This is the fabric that defines America- originally it was used as workwear, in the 1980’s designers began to use it as a fashion fabric. Since then the creativity implemented with this fabric has exploded. Even though the denim we use is not hemp, it is of the highest quality. The selvedge denim we use is grown and Made in the USA by Cone Mills in North Carolina. It is guaranteed to last and wear in- not out.
music sports fashion design
Teamwork. Comradery. Competition. What more can you ask from a game? Sports have been a part of what its like to be human forever. There is nothing better than good weather and going to a sporting event or playing sports with friends.  There will be future blog posts on this topic.
What is life without a little adventure?! We live in such a connected world but it’s much more fun to travel across the world and see for yourself how great that view is. Take you dog for a walk, take that dream vacation, be spontaneous.
Rocky Clark, just abbreviated, that’s all.
Legalize hemp in America. This will bring sustainable fibers easier and cheaper for companies to implement. It’s amazing that the government has outlawed such a versatile crop. See our blog post about hemp. 
Go Green. Go Natural. Be Sustainable. We choose to be green and eco-friendly. It’s not cheap to do, being sustainable is an expensive lifestyle but it is fulfilling.
Wear art, let art into your life. Use your imagination and let your creativity run free. Art is all around us, look for it and be open to it.
In a world filled with hate and discrimination, Why Can’t We Be Friends? Be a friend to someone today- wearing this shirt should be a reminder of positivity and friendship.
Email us Rocco@RockyClarkClothing.com  We'll tell you a secret about this one!
Read our blog about hemp!! This shirt is 60% hemp and 100% incredibly soft and sustainable.
That’s it. With hemp being our foundation we are naturally all natural and eco-friendly!
This is the dress code now. Wear these clothes when you wake up, go to work and then go on with your day.
rocky clark clothing

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