Team New York

If you have been a follower of us for quite some time, you know how passionate we are about being a Team and you know how proud we are to be based right here in NYC.

We asked, and listened to what you wanted to see next. These hats are an homage to that. Here's to the People, the Energy and the Resilience that this great city represents. Throughout this pandemic, we all have exhibited courage, bravery and respect.  We have truly come together to show off our strength, and we wanted to translate that into what we do best, clothing. 

These 55% Hemp & 45% Organic Cotton cap's are an old and mighty friend. We used these hats years ago for our 'Sports Team' and 'Music Band' designs circa 2016.

So show your pride with us.  Let's unite and rally around this great city. We're Team New York, are You? 

3% of every sale is donated to charity



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