The Founder's Introduction: Pt. 2

repurposed camo jacket
We’re going to be sitting next to each other for quite some time, so I figured you should get to know me a little better.
I grew up in New York; a small farm town with a lot of land.  Growing up I was surrounded by the outdoors- whether it was playing sports with friends or adventuring on a hiking trail with my dog; being active was something that had become part of my early childhood.  In high school I was captain of the swim team and played guitar in a band with my brother and friends.  Playing music brought happiness and opened a new outlet of expression.  Being captain of the swim team meant a lot; I loved being part of a team and competing with your teammates, against opponents and most importantly against yourself.  
I went to college in Rhode Island where the beach was our playground. My first major was Kinesiology- the study of human movement. I took classes in anatomy and sports psychology. Everyone in my classes would wear basketball shorts and hoodies while I showed up looking like Johnny Depp. The moment I knew I was in the wrong major was when someone asked me what I wanted to do with Kinesiology and I answered, "design sports uniforms."  The next day I changed my major to Apparel Design.  This was just the beginning of my training to become a Jedi of Cloth.
During my time in college, I had the opportunity to study in Florence, Italy; where I learned the craft of tailoring and menswear.  This is where I found my passion. (There will be more on this in a separate post)
My love for clothing was no secret, it developed itself early on- when I was four years old I insisted on wearing only two outfits-1) Jeans with a white turtle neck, a pair of work boots and a denim jacket OR  2) A suit and tie.  Even on the hottest summer day, this was my uniform.  Looking back on my early childhood I realized how clothing played a special role in my life.

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