The Story of the Name: Rocky Clark

First things first.  "Where did the name 'Rocky Clark' come from?"  
Rocky Clark is not just a made up name to sound strong and masculine (even though it is).  There are many brands out there choosing a name with 2 first names, or 2 last names; it’s all getting a bit confusing. This name though, Rocky Clark, has significant meaning to us.
Here is the story; I was born with half of it, and the other half was destiny.  My middle name is Rocco, it's a family name; it comes from my grandfather, he has a football field named after him and he was a WWII hero; (he actually survived a bullet to the buttocks, just like Mr. Gump.) Simple as that. Clark on the other hand is a dog.  A real dog, not like Clifford or Scooby-Doo, he's my dog.  
I found Clark at a local animal shelter, he was 1-2 years old at the time; he was a stray for the first couple of years of his life, hustling the streets.  My parents finally let me get a dog and I knew I was going to take advantage of this opportunity.  I immediately started doing my research for dogs to rescue; I knew I wanted the biggest possible dog.  My mother and me set out one day to find a dog. We were on our way to one shelter but got lost and stumbled upon a different one. We reluctantly went inside and I began my search.  
It's truly sad how many dogs need rescuing here in America- almost 4 million to be exact- (just one reason why we donate 3% of every order to the North Shore Animal League.)  Many of these dogs were thrown out of lives and onto the streets. Dogs are filled with love and loyalty. Please, if you are in search of your next dog- rescue one at your local animal shelter.
I was walking down the line of dogs and finally came across The Dog. Clark.  There he was, 100 pounds of pure mutt. My mother wasn't so sure about him, but I knew 100% that this was the dog I was bringing home.  And to my chagrin, he did come home with us.  That's how I found Clark and we’ve been best friends ever since.  But it would be another 8 years until I knew why we met…
clark dog

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