We Will Overcome, New York

I dream of the day when things get back to normal in our day-to-day lives. I envision that day we say hello to strangers, we give each other a nod of respect and we pursue the gift of life with a fresh perspective. 

Right now is a huge test of our leadership and our resiliency as a society and as a world.  I've come to question what type of leader I want to be.  The type of leader I'd like to be is the one who speaks up.  The type of leader who picks someone up when they are down.  The leader who absorbs the fears of others and moves forward in times of uncertainty. 

I implore you to take this time to work on yourself - discover what makes you happy, find new ways to bring value to others and find what you truly love.

Stay Hopeful. Stay Motivated. Pick each other up. Last, but most importantly, We're going to get through this.


Pass this message along to those who need it. 

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