"What inspired you to start Rocky Clark?"

Rocky Clark was not founded only to bring a different aesthetic into clothing.  It was founded on purpose- to change how to make, treat and buy our clothes.  It was created on the premise of sustainability.  Yes, clothing is based on consumerism and mass volume, but we at RC believe it can be done consciously and responsibly.  
We noticed all of these clothing brands- doing just that- making clothes.  The looks became repetitive, the fabrics became repetitive, the brands became....repetitive.  Yes, they all brought a unique perspective to the table, but what were they doing to give back and how were they adding value?  
This was a question we kept asking ourselves.  How can we start a brand and not fall into this trap?  How can we give back to the Earth and add value to our customers?  "Make dope clothing that causes no harm and donates to charity."  There is a purpose and cause behind what we do.
We make “Sustainable Streetwear.” Think of what Kendrick Lamar brings to rap- we want to bring that attitude to clothing. We want you to think about why you are buying our product, why you are wearing what you wear and begin to think more consciously about your purchasing decisions.
What inspires us the most is the change we can bring into this world through clothing. If we can bring change into this industry, we hope to inspire others in other industries to bring about change as well. If we are all serving The Greater Good, we can all have fun and inspire one another.

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