Who is "Rocky Clark"? - Part I - Rocco

Who is "Rocky Clark"?

We will begin to breakdown the meaning of "Rocky".

My name is Joseph Rocco.  - Founder and Creative Director of Rocky Clark Clothing. 

Joseph Rotondo was my father's father - Joseph was a police officer in the military during the Korean War. 

Rocco Montesano was my mother's father - Rocco was a sergeant in the infantry during World War II.

 My Uncle Frank, my mother's brother, flew for the Navy during the Gulf War, his call name was "Rocco".  

There are many ties to the name "Rocco" in my family's history with the US Military and has helped establish who RC is today.

Rocco holds historical importance to me and my family and it lives on through Rocky Clark - in our design and products, it continues to be a source of inspiration for us!

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