Who is "Rocky Clark"? - Part II - Clark


We will begin to breakdown the meaning of "Clark".

In 2007 I rescued a dog - Clark. Little did I know how much impact this big-mitted mutt would have on my life.  Clark was a stray dog for the first year of his life. As soon as I saw him in the pound, I knew he would be my partner in crime.  From there on out, Clark and I were inseparable. He allowed me to feel a great sense of ownership and responsibility for the first time in my life.

 He became a source of inspiration for me when my ideas for RC were merely just ideas. I knew I wanted to include him in my vision as I curated my collections towards eco-friendly practices to help protect the earth he loved & played on so much. 

When RC started to become more of what it is today, we knew we wanted to continue to support animals and give back. 

Our first charity that we donated some of our proceeds to was a No-Kill Shelter. It means so much to us that we continue to support charities that remind us of why we started RC in the first place. 

Clark continues to live on in legacy through our work and will continue to inspire our designs. It may seem silly, but a dog really is a man's best friend.

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