RC908 - Bandana
RC908 - Bandana

RC908 - Bandana

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"New York, Ethical Together."
Cut, Sewn, Dyed, Printed. 
We searched high and low to find the perfect blend of materials in the perfect weight to create our bandanas.  55% hemp 45% organic cotton - our bandana has quality you can feel and sustainability you can trust.  We also developed our own custom bandana print inspired by vintage bandanas and classic motifs.  Wear them as a face covering, wear them as a headband, heck, put them on your dog.  


3% of Every Sale is Donated to Charity.


Ethical Rocky Clark Bandana
55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton
Handcrafted in NYC
Hand-dyed in NYC using plant-based derivatives
Printed in the USA
The dyeing and printing on each bandana is unique.
*Please rinse/handwash before using!


Features: 3 colors! One size.
Rinsed Indigo
Sunrise Pink 
Gradient Grey
RC908 - Bandana
RC908 - Bandana
RC908 - Bandana