Our Story

Founded in 2015 and based in New York.
Clark was a stray mutt-dog for the first year of his life before entering a shelter.  A story that is very familiar to many dogs here in America and across the globe.  Rocco met Clark in 2007, forming an inseparable bond ever since.  Clark taught Rocco how to care and respect nature.  They enjoyed the outdoors together and walked many miles together.  Little did they know that their friendship would be the basis of Rocky Clark.
In 2015, Joseph "Rocco" Rotondo founded Rocky Clark Clothing on the premise of sustainability and producing clothing in America.  The concept of "Sustainability"  was something that was touched upon in University, but was never explored deeply upon.  He took it upon himself to dive deep into the topic, beginning with Renewable Energy, ending with Sustainable Clothing, and Everything in between.  
RC started with a small run of patches hand-sewn onto Hemp T-shirts and Hemp/ Organic Cotton Baseball Caps.  Joseph had the help from his small Team of Great Friends.  It started with the simple yet bold Dog-Head logo and a generous investment.  With the support of Friends and Family, Rocky Clark quickly grew into a lifestyle of Team-Work, Giving Back and Thoughtful Design.
Join our Mission to create a Sustainable Now and a Sustainable Future.
3% of every sale is donated to Animal Welfare.
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